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Learn To Set Up An Effective Impact Measurement System In Just 12 Weeks

Want the practical knowledge and monitoring and evaluation processes that impact specialists use to generate excellent evidence for bids, influencing, marketing, continuous service improvement and thought leadership for charities, social enterprises and businesses?

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Is the Impact Accelerator for You?

Want to know the impact measurement systems that help keep organisations’ income and support flowing in with motivated employees and volunteers?

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Are you trying to demonstrate the impact your project, programme or team is making with credible evidence but don’t know where to start or how to improve what you’ve got already?

A woman sits at her desk with her laptop looking exasperated

Are you a busy team manager trying to encourage your organisation to measure social impact, but struggling with what to learn and implement  without extra support or budget to hire a specialist?

Two women sat at a desk together looking at each other smiling as one has a piece of paper in her hand

Are you a staff member whose salary relies on funding driven by an ability to demonstrate evidence to management, funders or donors of outcomes and impact in today’s tough economic climate?

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Are you aspiring to senior management roles and want to have this knowledge and experience under your belt so you can demonstrate how you apply performance management at a strategic level?

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Probably Suitable

  • Service coordinators or managers responsible for impact reporting
  • Experienced corporate professionals in social impact roles
  • Academics struggling to translate theory into practice
  • Frontline charity workers, EDI/D&I professionals, CSR/CR professionals, pro bono coordinators, staff responsible for employee engagement, foundation or trust employees
  • Individuals seeking career growth in social impact sector
  • Small business owners who want to leave an impactful legacy or gain a competitive edge
Red cross icon in a circle

Probably Not Suitable

  • Animal and environmental impact-focused individuals
  • Senior managers/directors who already have a strategic focus
  • Those in senior Monitoring and Evaluation roles

Learn to confidently put in place a successful impact measurement system that’s aligned to your organisational goals.

Join Alexa Sage and co-facilitator, Shehnaaz Latif for the 12 Week Impact Accelerator Online.


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Over the 12 weeks, Alexa and Shehnaaz will teach you the exact frameworks and processes they have used to help well over a hundred organisations to develop systems that have enabled them to go on to win hundreds of thousands in income and have a greater impact on the lives of those they serve.


You’ll get live feedback from Alexa and Shehnaaz and your fellow learners as you build your own impact measurement systems in the online classrooms after each new training module.


You’ll also be provided with all the templates, resources and step-by-step processes you need to start building a best practice system.

What You'll Get

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15 hours of live lectures

where you learn the exact steps that impact specialists use to bring in £100,000s of funding for their organisations and tell compelling stories to influence stakeholders 

Green icon of a person with a headset

15 hours of live classrooms

where you can get feedback from your peers and subject matter experts Alexa Sage and Shehnaaz Latif as you build your impact measurement system 

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Access to dozens of resources

including step-by-step guides, templates, frameworks and examples that you can download and brand as your own, saving you hours of work

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Unlimited access to a private community

through an online group curated by Alexa Sage with Shehnaaz Latif and peers

Green icon of a calendar

Year-long access to all materials

including recordings of all the lectures so you can revisit them as you embed impact measurement within your organisation

Black icon of a coffee cup

Pairing with an impact buddy

going on the same journey so you can help motivate each other, share ideas and keep each other on track through mutual accountability

Red icon of a pencil and paper

A workbook to record the journey

to use in performance reviews, remind yourself of how far you've come and to make sure you haven’t missed anything 

Green icon of a certificate

And... A certificate of completion

because printing it out and framing it makes you look good ;-) 

What You'll Learn in 12 Weeks

Don’t know where to start?

This entire programme is structured round a simple four-stage cycle.

This cycle covers everything you need to know about impact practice from setting up plans to collecting data to evaluating evidence to communicating findings and learning from them.

A circular digram showing four quadrants flowing into each other reads: 1 Plan, 2 Do, 3 Assess, 4 Review


The biggest mistake people make is not planning for evaluating their impact right at the start – we’ve all been there – but you’re better than that now!

We will introduce you to two of our favourite models: ‘Logic Model’ and ‘Theory of Change’ that will allow you to build your plans on a single page in a visually appealing way that will impress your clients, funders, board and staff. And if you’ve already started your project or programme, it’s not too late to go back and create them retrospectively.

A woman starts to write on a whiteboard as another woman watches seated from a table


The indicators that you plan to measure become the heart of your evidence when you present your impact. But most people don’t choose the best indicators for measuring change, instead choosing to just measure what’s easiest: what gets delivered.

We will walk you through five types of indicators so you can evidence any aspect of your work that you need to: value for money, efficiency, effectiveness, impact.

A woman sat at a desk smiles at a camera with her hands resting on paper with coloured pens around


When you’re time-poor, data collection can feel like an added stress. Especially when it doesn’t feel appropriate to be surveying people.

We will talk you through different data collection options – the obvious and the less obvious. We’ll focus on how to make the most of existing channels, look at automation options and how we can use behavioural science to encourage more people to participate. You’ll get all the tips, tricks and hacks we’ve collected over the years along with the pitfalls to avoid that get you consistently reliable data without too much extra effort.

A woman with a serious look sat at a table hands over a clipboard with a form on it


So much of what we do can’t be put into numbers. Or can it?

We'll share with you various methods that only usually get taught through specialist degrees that will allow you to easily turn text into numbers. We’ll look at the free tools available to help you build narratives from large volumes of text data. With a few simple methods, you’ll be able to unlock so much more insight from existing and new data that felt impossible to analyse before.

A man speaks into a dictaphone whilst looking at a piece of paper he is holding


You hated maths at school? Data is your least favourite word? Not a problem. Luckily we have computers to do all the hard work for us now. You just need to know which buttons to press.

We’ll look at a few Excel functions you can use over and over for most of your analysis, but we will explore the mind-blowing array of options beyond Excel that are often much more user-friendly. The functions and tools you’ll learn will be enough to convince anyone you know what you’re talking about when it comes to basic data analysis.

A woman looks at a notebook she writes into as she's sat at a desk with a laptop open


We’ve done all the heavy lifting. Now the most important step is to tell everyone about your insights so that your organisation can write stronger bids, continuously improve, make evidence-led decisions, influence in a more compelling way and attract more support for your work. This is where we get creative.

We’ll look at multi-media options for sharing information; look at how to structure an impact report and learn how to become novice graphic designers and storytellers overnight. You’ll be able to develop a beautiful portfolio that demonstrates the results from all your hard impact measurement work in a way that people are excited to engage with.

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Timezone: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, London, UK)

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  • Sessions take place online every Thursday from 2pm to 4.30pm from 16th November 2023 to 15th February 2024
  • Also includes onboarding on Monday 13th November 2023 from 3pm to 4.30pm and a debrief on Monday 19th February 2023 at 3pm to 4.30pm

So get the dates in your diary now… 

Monday 13 November 2023, 3pm – 4.30pm: Onboarding
Thursday 16 November 2023, 2pm – 4.30pm: Lecture 1
Thursday 23 November 2023, 2pm – 4.30pm: Classroom 1
Thursday 30 November 2023, 2pm – 4.30pm: Lecture 2
Thursday 7 December 2023, 2pm – 4.30pm: Classroom 2
Thursday 14 December 2023, 2pm – 4.30pm: Lecture 3
Thursday 21 December 2023, 2pm – 4.30pm: Classroom 3
Thursday 11 January 2024, 2pm – 4.30pm: Lecture 4
Thursday 18 January 2024, 2pm – 4.30pm: Classroom 4
Thursday 25 January 2024, 2pm – 4.30pm: Lecture 5
Thursday 1 February 2024, 2pm – 4.30pm: Classroom 5
Thursday 8 February 2024, 2pm – 4.30pm: Lecture 6
Thursday 15 February 2024, 2pm – 4.30pm: Classroom 6
Monday 19 February 2024, 3pm – 4.30pm: Debrief
First page of 'What you'll learn' taken from the syllabus with a table with indistinguishable writing
Second page of 'What you'll learn' taken from the syllabus with a table with indistinguishable writing
Third page of 'What you'll learn' taken from the syllabus with a table with indistinguishable writing
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Download the Full Syllabus

Meet Your Lead Facilitator

A headshot of Alexa Sage against a pink background showing her smiling at the camera with long brown hair, white skin tone, black blouse and gold necklace

Alexa Sage

Director of Inside Impact

  • Alexa has supported over 100 organisations with their impact practice from volunteers and staff to CEOs and boards over the last ten years. She’s seen the best and the worst – nothing you’ve got can phase her now.

  • Her previous roles include Head of Analytics and Impact for the Law Society and Head of Impact and Evaluation for a national disability charity. She gets what it’s like working first-hand with limited resources and big expectations.

  • She has worked across a wide breadth of sectors including legal, disability, education and employment, violence against women and girls and the criminal justice system. Whatever area of social impact you work in, she’s got you covered.

  • Her work has seen her win national awards; raise millions of pounds of funding through grants and bids; deliver record-breaking consultations; influence the policy agenda and significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations. Her methods get results and you’ll get them too.

  • Her skillset is both broad and deep covering impact measurement, data science and analytics, social value analysis, business and strategic planning, database development, evaluation, project management, fundraising, and data protection. She’ll make sure your impact systems incorporate the bigger picture whether it’s complying with regulations or effective operations.

  • She is a qualified educator, social value practitioner and project manager. She loves nothing more than training and coaching others to become social impact leaders.

Meet Your Co-facilitator

A headshot of Shehnaaz Latif smiling sideways at the camera with black and red mid length hair, a scarf round her neck, a black top and glasses with brown skin tone

Shehnaaz Latif

Senior Impact Consultant and Founder of TOOT Services

  • Shehnaaz has trained 100s of individuals and delivered impact support for small, medium and large organisations in her 20 years of experience in outcome and impact practice. You’re in as safe pair of hands as they come.

  • Before starting her own business, Shehnaaz was the Lead Consultant for the Impact Team at NCVO (The National Council for Voluntary Organisations) as well as the Charities Evaluation Services (CES) before its merger with NCVO. She played a key role shaping the UK’s impact landscape through the 10-year Inspiring Impact initiative during this time. She literally wrote the handbook on this stuff and wants to support you to embed the same best practice.

  • She’s worked with high profile organisations including BBC Children in Need, Trust for London, the Nationwide Foundation, Macmillan Cancer Care, YGAM, RNIB, the Royal College of Nursing, Comic Relief UK, the Hardman Trust, and the Anne Frank Trust. When you’ve got a reputation to preserve and everyone’s eyes are on your work, she has you covered.

  • In addition to 20 years of practical experience in social impact, she holds not one but two Master’s degrees from Oxford and the University of London. Her support is grounded in a firm academic understanding of her subject - and she’s mastered making it accessible to those without the degrees.

  • She has supported a wealth of frontline and infrastructure organisations, as well as funders including trusts, foundations, local councils, commissioners and UK government departments. She can share the insider perspective on what the audiences you want to influence need from you.

Clients include...

BBC Children in Need logo
Nationwide Foundation logo
Macmillan Cancer Support logo
Trust for London logo
Comic Relief logo
Royal College of Nursing logo

The Team

Alexa and Shehnaaz started working together in 2016 when their organisations worked together to deliver a national training programme on impact measurement. They’ve been riffing off each other ever since!


Now YOU get the benefit of their unique combination of skills and experience.

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What past participants have to say...

An avatar with head and shoulders representing a customer reads 'Public Sector Employee'

Please tell us a bit about yourself

I'm an experienced policy and strategy manager in the research and innovation sector.

Would you recommend the 12 Week Impact Accelerator and if so, who to?

Yes. If you suspect you don’t have quite the right balance between quantitative and qualitative analysis skills. Or, you’re not certain where you can find opportunities to evidence impact across new or complex projects.

What has been the best thing about Inside Impact's 12 Week Impact Accelerator?

Alexa and Shahnaz really push you to get the most out of the course by encouraging you to consult with them. I can’t imagine they deliver the same course twice as they tailor the content to who is in room and their skillset. The outside advice and feedback adds so much value.

How is this different from everything else that's out there?


There’s certainly no shortage of impact measurement resources out there. Many of which you can get for free. So why would you invest your time, money and energy in following this 12-week programme which is all about… impact measurement?


Just some of the resources that are out there…

20 different evaluation related organisations named with their Twitter handles and logo set out in a 5 by 4 grid

It’s the fact there are so many resources out there, often conflicting with each other, that makes a step-by-step process that’s time-limited so important.


How do you know which sources to trust? How do you stop yourself from getting overwhelmed? Or failing to take the next step because of paralysis by analysis? How do you make sure you’re heading in the right direction? How can you guarantee you’ll have something to show by the end of it?


This is not the same as other training, courses, resources or workshops on the market.

This is not about introducing you to concepts then leaving you to go away wondering how to implement it.

This is not about teaching you the theory of how to do things which assumes you operate in a perfect world where everyone buys in to impact measurement and you have all the time and resources available to you.

This is not about doing a deep dive for a day then forgetting it all a month later.

This is not about setting you up to be reliant on a consultant.

This is about cutting through all the noise and pointing you in the direction of the next step to take.

This is about a sustainable way of learning that constantly reinforces what you learn, building on concepts week by week and giving you the ability to go back and repeat the learning or ask questions as much as you need to.

This is about building an impact measurement system which demonstrates good practice but also finding alternate paths when navigating the reality of day-to-day life in a busy, often messy organisation.

This is about making sense of why there is so much conflicting information out there and where you can focus to get practical results ASAP.

This is about developing a community of experts and peers who can see you through your journey.

Get Started Now

Will it be worth it?


You are investing your time. You are investing yours or your organisation’s money. You are investing your energy. You need to know it’s going to be worth it.


Strong impact measurement skills and systems are the linchpin for successful careers and successful organisations:

  • You need it to win bids, funding, supporters and influence
  • You need it to be a successful manager or senior leader who has a handle on their team or organisation’s work
  • You need it to keep the heart of your organisation beating
  • You need it to keep your staff and volunteers motivated
  • You need it to ensure you are working efficiently and effectively with your limited resources
  • You need it to ensure you are making the biggest difference you can to those you serve


There is a huge variety of roles that require these skills…

Over a dozen strips newspaper looking strips of paper each with a job role, employer and a sentence from a job description relating to impact practice

And any organisation looking to win bids will now have to demonstrate their outcomes and impact with evidence…

Names of ten funders each with a clipping from their application forms about the need to demonstrate impact

This is a cost-effective and sustainable solution to ensure you get your organisation to where it needs to be.


  • You could spend £5,000 - £15,000 on a degree to give you the theoretical knowledge over 1-3 years but still not know how to implement it in practice.
  • You could spend £1,000 - £3,000 on a few days of workshops but not have developed enough of what you need before the support is gone.
  • You could spend £700 - £1,500 a day on a consultant but not feel confident taking forward what they have created.
  • You could spend £100 - £500 on a training day that gets you completing the first step but leaves you nowhere near ready for embedding a whole impact measurement system.

Or you could spend as little as £1197 for 12 weeks of training and expert feedback, and a year of access to ongoing support through the community and materials archive:

  • Enough time to make serious progress on building your systems
  • Enough depth to give you confidence in your understanding of impact measurement
  • Enough peers and experts around you to feel supported to take on the challenge
  • Enough space to digest and remind yourself of what you’re learning each week
  • Enough guidance that it makes it almost impossible to go wrong if you take advice on board
Title 1 : What it feels like. Shows a mountain with an arrow at the bottom saying

Three steps and you're there...

1. Download the syllabus


Be sure to download the syllabus to check the Impact Accelerator meets your needs, including pre-requisites and who this is suitable for. Check your employer will cover your place on this programme if you are not funding it yourself.

Download Syllabus

2. Book a call


Click the 'Get Started Now' button and fill in an Expression of Interest form to arrange a discovery call. This is a chance for both you and Inside Impact to check this is the best solution for you. If we both agree it is and you're excited to go ahead, your organisation will be invoiced and you can secure your place. Email [email protected] for any issues.

3. Get ready to meet your new colleagues


Block the dates in your diary now from Monday 13th November 2023. Before the programme starts, you'll be given all your personal links to Dropbox and Zoom along with complete onboarding information, your workbook and a self-assessment to help you track yours and your organisation's journey. We make sure everything flows with ease.

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In order to ensure everyone on the programme gets the time they need to discuss their work in the classrooms and to ensure that we provide in-depth quality support throughout, the number of places is very limited.

Places will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis where both Inside Impact and you have determined this is the right solution.

A picture of Alexa smiling at the camera lit by the sun from behind reading 'Your journey starts here
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What they're saying about the facilitators...

Sally Brett, Head of Culture and EDI at Affinity Water


“Alexa is amazing to work with! She’s incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, and passionate about helping others. I learnt so much from her and she instilled in me habits that have transformed the way I work and made me more effective and resilient in leading change.”

Dominic Arnall, Former CEO of Just Like Us


"Alexa was able to quickly understand our organisation, our aims and objectives and work with the team to develop a Theory of Change that not only represented our work but our culture and values. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to make sure their impact measurement is in line with their ambitions."

Heidi Newbigging, Founder of CR Legal Network


“Alexa expertly guided us through how to tackle impact assessment. She has a great approach, is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. A joy to have as a speaker as super organised and very flexible. Impact assessing and reporting is a tricky subject but Alexa proved to be an excellent guide through this.”



If this is the best solution for you, a place on the programme is priced according to the type of organisation you work for and whether you're in time for the early bird pricing which gives you £300 off!

For businesses who are looking to sponsor a charity place, we will be happy to offer you a place at the same rate as a charity. Please contact [email protected] for more details.




Or Early Bird rate of just £1197!!!

  • 15 hours of online lectures + 15 hours of online classrooms
  • Access to dozens of resources online
  • A place in the online community and an impact buddy
  • Access to all recordings and material for one year
  • A 1:1 post-accelerator checkin




Or Early Bird rate of just £2197!!!

  • 15 hours of online lectures + 15 hours of online classrooms
  • Access to dozens of resources online
  • A place in the online community and an impact buddy
  • Access to all recordings and material for one year
  • A 1:1 post-accelerator checkin
Customer Type Early Bird Price Standard Price
Charity, Social Enterprise, Startup (under 2 years old) £1197 £1497
Company (over 2 years old), Public Body, Private Individual £2197 £2497

All you need to do to secure the Early Bird price is to pay in full before 11.55pm on Wednesday 25th October 2023. After this time, it reverts to Standard price.


Early Bird offer ending in...










If after Week 2 (following one live lecture and one live classroom) you decide this programme is not for you, you can request a full refund before Week 3 – no hard feelings. Access to all live sessions, materials and ongoing support will cease at this point. Your statutory rights still apply.

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Didn't get the answer you need? Don't worry. Alexa is ready to receive your email and get it sorted: [email protected]